At least 2/3rds of patients have some eye misalignment, and even slight misalignment can lead to discomfort. Neurolenses are specialized lenses designed to provide dramatic relief of discomfort from eye misalignment. These lenses are fabricated using advanced technology in our Valencia office to measure your eye alignment which allows our eye doctors to create highly customized prisms for your lenses.

The use of digital devices has increased a lot since the pandemic; many people work from home on a computer and even take classes online, which may result in digital eye strain. The average American spends 7 hours a day in front of a screen. The neurolens is a customized special lens that is used to alleviate symptoms of digital vision syndrome and eye misalignment which leads to symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, discomfort with computer use,  tired eyes,  dry eyes, dizziness, and light sensitivity.

Who is a good candidate for the neurolens?

People who spend most of their time performing near or mid distance tasks, such as working on a computer, reading, or knitting, and experience discomfort after extended periods of time, may benefit from the neurolens.

According to an internal study, 93% of patients responded positively to wearing neurolens.

Patients who have had traumatic brain injuries and are suffering from visual deficits as a result may also greatly benefit from the neurolens. This is due to the neurolens being a prism lens that changes power based on what you look at. If you are watching TV, it uses the distance prescription, and if you are reading a book, it uses the near prescription. As you read, the prism changes so that you can get more prism power, which is very unique since there is no other lens that can do that.

How does the neurolens help with headaches?

There's a nerve called the trigeminal nerve in the facial region that plays an important role in headaches. The trigeminal nerve transmits pain from the brain to the body. And it's partly related to how the two eyes are working as a team. When it's difficult to converge the eyes, as we do near point work, the trigeminal nerve may signal the brain to increase pain by reducing the stress on the trigeminal nerve and the facial area. Patients who suffer from migraines will be able to reduce some of their pain with the help of the neurolens.

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