In the United States, more than 40 million people wear contact lenses, and more than 8.5 billion dollars is spent worldwide on contact lenses every year.

Different brands make different kinds of contact lenses, with innovative materials and designs.

We have different brands of contact lenses at our optometry clinics due to the following reasons:

  • There are a variety of materials and some patients may find different materials more comfortable
  • There is a difference in their curvatures
  • Depending on the brand, they may be too tight or too loose
  • There can be a difference in the amount of water in them, which can provide comfort to certain patients
  • Some contact lens designs are specifically tailored for certain conditions such as myopia in children, astigmatism, keratoconus, dry eye, and presbyopia
  • Some patients will find a certain design to be easier to see with, a good example is with multifocal contact lenses

Each company makes a variety of lenses to meet everyone's needs because no single brand works for everyone.

Why is a contact lens exam crucial before buying or changing contact lenses?

A contact lens exam is highly recommended before buying or changing contact lenses because there are so many different brands of lenses and when it comes to contact lenses, there is no one size fits all. Each brand of lens has different characteristics that may be suitable for one person but not for another. During the contact lens exam, our eye doctor will take measurements of your eyes, test different lenses, and prescribe you contact lenses based on your lifestyle and the results of the contact lens exam.

In the event that one brand of lens is not comfortable for you, we will try out other brands. Our team will take the time to understand your needs so that they can find the contact lenses that will give you the best vision and comfort.

Schedule a contact lens exam

If you are not comfortable with the contact lenses that you are currently wearing, one of the reasons could be that you are wearing a brand of lens that is not suitable for you or a material that does not provide enough oxygen to reach the eye or have the right composition. We encourage you to schedule a contact lens exam with our experienced eye doctors so that they can try out different brands of lens to find the one that is most comfortable for you and provides clear vision.

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