The idea that your eyes can be dry while they are constantly tearing, and they're constantly watering, seems strange and ironic, but in fact watery eyes can be a symptom of dry eyes. 

Why don't watery eyes alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes?

There are two reasons for dry eyes: either not enough tears are being produced, or the tears are being produced properly, but there is a problem with the tear film. As a result, your tears evaporate much faster because they don't have that protective outer layer. If you do have dry eyes, your body is now trying to compensate for dryness. It stimulates your lacrimal gland, which is located directly above your eye, to begin producing more tears. 

Unfortunately, it produces an excessive amount of tears, and those tears that are actually produced do not have the proper composition. As a result, your tears evaporate. The reason you're constantly tearing up and having watery eyes is because of that. Therefore, it doesn't really help to solve the issue of dry eyes and just leads to the vicious cycle of your eyes feeling dry and then tearing as a result of it without resolving the issue of dry eyes.

What eye conditions can cause watery eyes?

It's also important to note that watery eyes can be a result of various other eye conditions. An object may have entered your eye, for example. Or perhaps you are suffering from an eye infection or allergy. It's very important to rule out all those other possibilities as well.

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