Vision Therapy: Learning

Vision therapy is widely used in treating vision issues relating to learning. However, it can be daunting, at first, to look into vision therapy if you aren’t familiar with it. Equally daunting is understanding the sorts of problems it can help with, and what you should do if a vision issue is detected. 

The resources below can get you started, and if you have additional questions, or want to make an appointment, you can contact us.

11 Visual Skills Used in the Classroom

While everyone knows that your eyes are important for seeing the board and other work in the classroom, there are many other visual skills needed in order to perform well, and if there is an issue impeding any of these, life can become much more challenging. Learn more about these important skills.
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Parents Checklist

As a parent, you have no shortage of things to pay attention to regarding your children, which can make it a challenge to add something extra like paying attention to signs which may indicate a vision problem. This checklist provides a concise and helpful guide to make your job a bit easier.
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Are School Vision Screenings Reliable?

School vision screenings. Everyone’s had one, and your children are no exception. However, the question arises: Just how reliable are they at discovering vision issues in children? Learn more here.
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Learning-Related Vision Problems

There is much more to vision than most people realize, and there are numerous vision problems which can impact a child’s ability to learn. Continue reading for a primer on many of these issues.
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Teacher’s Guide to Vision

Teachers may be in the best position to notice if a child is having a vision issue that is negatively impacting their ability to learn. However, they must know what to look for. Check out our simple but comprehensive guide, so you can provide yet another important service for your students.
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Signs of Learning-Related Vision Problems

It’s one thing to know what problems you may encounter, but it’s another entirely to be able to spot the signs in your child. We’re here to help. Continue reading to learn about what to watch for.
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Can Vision Therapy Help My Child?

You may have heard of vision therapy being used to treat children with learning-related vision issues, but are unsure about what exactly it can do for them. Get the answer to that important question, and more.
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Can ADHD Be a Vision Problem?

Is your child’s teacher concerned they have ADHD? The real problem may in fact be a vision issue. Learn more about the connections between vision issues and ADHD so you can know better what to do if your child is struggling in school
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Does My Child Have Dyslexia?

Most of us have heard about dyslexia and how it makes reading more difficult. However, some vision issues can cause similar problems, and they have very different causes. Learn more here about the differences, and how to determine what the cause of your child’s difficulty is.
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Understanding Visual Symptoms

There are several symptoms your child might exhibit which signify a vision issue, some easier to spot than others. Learn why your child may be exhibiting these symptoms.
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