Headache behind the left eye

This article aims to provide an overview of headaches behind the left eye, focusing on key factors that can help identify potential causes and appropriate treatment options for this condition. By delving deeper into this topic, we hope to provide valuable information for patients who experience this type of headache and help them understand the importance of consulting with a healthcare professional for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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Headache behind the left eye Optometrist
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Headaches located behind the left eye (or both eyes) are a prevalent and bothersome issue that many people experience. These individuals often express their concerns about this specific type of headache, seeking advice regarding its causes, symptoms, and effective ways to manage it.

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How can our optometrist help with a headache behind the left eye?

Our optometrist can play a vital role in diagnosing, managing, and treating headaches behind the left eye. Here's how we can help:

Comprehensive eye examination

Our optometrist will conduct a thorough eye examination to assess your overall eye health, identify any vision problems or ocular conditions that may be contributing to your headache, and determine if vision correction is needed.

Identifying the root cause

By evaluating your symptoms, medical history, and the results of your eye examination, our eye care professional can help identify the potential causes of your headache, such as eye strain, uncorrected refractive errors, or other ocular issues.

Personalized treatment plan

Based on the underlying cause, our eye doctor will develop a tailored treatment plan to address your specific needs. This may include prescribing eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct vision problems, recommending lifestyle changes to minimize eye strain and stress, or suggesting over-the-counter or prescription medications to manage pain and inflammation.

Referrals and collaboration

If your headache behind the left eye is suspected to be related to a non-ocular issue, such as sinus infections, migraines, or tension headaches, our eye care professional can refer you to the appropriate healthcare professional, such as a neurologist, primary care physician, or an ENT specialist, and collaborate with them to ensure a holistic approach to your care.

Follow-up and monitoring

We will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, assess the effectiveness of your treatment plan, and make adjustments as necessary to ensure optimal eye health and relief from headaches behind the left eye.

By consulting with our optometrist, you can benefit from a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and managing headaches behind the left eye, ensuring you receive the most appropriate care and support for your specific needs.

Potential causes of headaches behind the left eye

Potential causes of headaches behind the left eye

There are several possible causes of headaches behind the left eye, including but not limited to:


Migraines are a common cause of headaches behind the left eye, with an estimated 12% of the population suffering from this type of headache. Migraines are characterized by throbbing pain, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches are a rare but extremely painful type of headache that often occurs behind the left eye. They affect less than 1% of the population and tend to occur in clusters, with multiple episodes of intense pain over a period of weeks or months.

Tension headaches

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache, affecting approximately 80% of the population at some point in their lives. These headaches can cause pain behind the left eye and typically result from muscle tension or stress.

Sinus infections

Sinus infections can cause pain and pressure behind the left eye, as the sinuses in the forehead and around the eyes become inflamed and swollen.

Eye strain

Prolonged periods of focusing on a screen or other visually demanding tasks can cause eye strain, which may result in headaches behind the left eye.

Is a headache behind the eye dangerous?

Is a headache behind the eye dangerous?

At times, what you perceive as a headache might not be a headache at all, but rather an indication of a more serious condition.


Glaucoma, a prevalent cause of vision loss in individuals over 60, is marked by an accumulation of fluid in your eye, which has the potential to harm the optic nerve. Acute closed- or narrow-angle glaucoma is often characterized by intense, pulsating eye pain along with headaches. Additional symptoms often accompany these, including blurry vision, redness in the eyes, seeing halos around lights, and episodes of nausea and vomiting. It's crucial to recognize this as a medical emergency that requires immediate attention. You should either visit your nearest emergency room or consult our eye doctor at once.

Optic neuritis

Optic neuritis refers to inflammation of the optic nerve that can result in headache-like pain around or behind your eyes. The cause of this condition is uncertain, but it may signal the presence of certain autoimmune disorders. Other symptoms may include blurred vision, dimmed vision, and eye pain when you move your eyes. If you're experiencing these symptoms, it's essential to contact our eye doctor without delay.

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How can I find an eye doctor near me?

How can I find an eye doctor near me?

If you don’t already have a trusted optometrist, you could start your online search by typing in phrases such as "eye doctor near me," "optometrist near me," or "eye specialist near me."

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