Eye Stretching

Published on
June 30, 2021

There are various exercises that prove to be very useful for certain eye conditions, such as stretching the eye muscles.

For example, if someone has crossed eyes, specifically if the eye is turned in too much, otherwise known as over converging, then there is an effective activity that can train the eyes to correct this misalignment. In such a case, there are certain movements when the eyes move out to the extremities which can make the eyes feel very tight. It’s important to strengthen the eye movements in those directions by training the eyes to be able to look that way and overcome the resistance.

There is an exercise which uses occluders to cover both eyes extending past the eyes so they are really well covered. The patient is given the challenge of looking around the occluders which gives them the opportunity to stretch their eye muscles to look out to the extremities and strengthen those tight muscles.

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