A-D Négrel, Y Chami-Khazraji, M L Arrach, A Foster, J Mahjour, Moroccan Evaluation Team of the Blindness Prevention Programme

Cataract in the Kingdom of Morocco: indications for surgery and functional results

publication date
2005 Feb
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Aim: To investigate the results of cataract surgery in different settings in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Method: At four separate health facilities, 100 consecutive patients undergoing ECCE cataract extraction for age-related cataract were examined pre-operatively and 6-8 weeks post-operative for changes in visual acuity.


Results: Thirty-four percent of patients (better eye acuity) and 95.5% of operated eyes had a visual acuity of less than 3/60 pre-operatively. Six to eight weeks post-operatively 84.0% of patients (better eye acuity) and 74.7% of operated eyes achieved a visual acuity of 6/18 or better. Of 198 eyes having an intraocular lens (IOL) implanted, 87.9% achieved 6/18 and 3.0% were less than 6/60 post-operatively. Of 202 eyes having cataract surgery without an IOL, 61.7% achieved 6/18 and 4.5% were less than 3/60. The proportion of eyes receiving an IOL in the 4 centres ranged from 29% to 74%.

Conclusion: Monitoring the pre and post-operative acuity of cataract patients can give useful information on the indications for surgery in different settings, the use of IOLs and the visual outcome. Implantation of an IOL should be encouraged in all people having cataract surgery unless contra-indicated.

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