Winai Chaidaroon, Narong Tungpakorn, Piyathida Puranitee

Current trends in cataract surgery in Thailand--2004 survey

publication date
2005 Nov
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Objectives: To survey and investigate the current trend of cataract surgery in Thai ophthalmologists in 2004.

Material and method: Questionnaires were sent to 600 ophthalmologists who were the members of the Ophthalmological Society and Royal Colleges of Ophthalmologists of Thailand. Data received from 248 (41.3%) of the recipients were analyzed and compared with those from the previous survey.


Results: The majority of respondents were male (63.3%) while 36.7% were female. In cataract surgery, 99.2% were still doing cataract surgery, the average number of cataract surgery procedures per surgeon per month was 25.6, 89.8% preferred phacoemulsification, and 42.5% preferred acrylic lens. The posterior capsular tear was the most common complication.

Conclusion: There are trends toward more cataract surgical procedures performed by a surgeon, increasing preference of topical anesthesia, small incision wound and foldable acrylic lenses which reflected the popularity of phacoemulsification.

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