Various minor ailments and conditions can occur in our eyes and it is important to know what to do next, along with how to prevent them.

Bump on eyelid

There is one eye condition that you may have, and that is a bump on your eyelids. The reason this happens is because we have oil glands on our lid margin, which produce oil, which forms the outermost layer of our tears, keeping them from evaporating. These oil glands can get infected or clogged up sometimes, causing you to develop a bump on your eyelid. It usually doesn't cause pain, but can look red and is not very pleasant to look at. The treatment for this is typically to apply warm compresses over your eyes twice a day for about 10 minutes with eyelid scrubs. Also, we can prescribe an antibiotic ointment over that bump.

Pink eye

You may also experience dry, irritated, and red eyes. This can happen due to a variety of reasons. An allergic conjunctivitis could be one of the reasons. Typically, people with seasonal allergies experience this during spring. Some treatment options include lubricating your eyes with artificial tears or we might prescribe you a low dose steroid depending on the severity of your symptoms and your condition. If you have recurring red eyes please schedule an eye exam so that we can determine the best treatment. Learn more about pink eye.

Flashes and floaters

You may also commonly experience flashes and floaters, which should be seen by an optometrist immediately. If you experience any of these symptoms, dont stress since this is extremely common, however you should still visit us right away. The reason is because floaters and flashes could be signs that you might have a retinal tear or detachment going on in the back of your eye, which can cause permanent vision loss if left untreated. Learn more about flashes and floaters.

A foreign body in your eyes

Another eye condition may involve a foreign body (this can be dust, sand, dirt, or any small item) getting into the eye or scratching the cornea. In most cases this can be dealt with on its own, however if you are unable to remove the foreign body or if you are at risk of scratching your eye, call us to schedule an emergency eye exam.
Therefore, if you work in a potentially hazardous environment such as a construction site or a welding plant, you should wear appropriate eye protection and goggles. Learn more about foreign body in your eyes.

Pupils that differ in size

The medical term anisocoria refers to the difference in size between the pupils. One out of every five people does not have pupils that have the same size, but the difference is small and insignificant, usually less than a millimeter. A majority of the time, anisocoria doesn't require treatment, since it doesn't affect the health of your eyes or your vision. If it affects your vision, we may be able to prescribe appropriate glasses that can help. Learn more about anisocoria.

Color Blindness

Approximately 8% of men are color blind. For most people that is not something that has a significant impact on their quality of life, however for certain people and professions being color blind can be a significant challenge. There are different tests to determine the kind of color blindness, as well as certain glasses and contacts that improve the person's perception of color. However, today there is no cure or treatment for color blindness. Learn more about color blindness.

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