According to a study published in JAMA Ophthalmology, approximately 850,000 trips to U.S. doctors' offices and emergency rooms each year are due to double vision.

What do you assess when someone complains of double vision?

When assessing double vision it is important to differentiate first why the patient is experiencing double vision and secondly if the double vision is through One Eye or Both Eyes. We have developed this double vision quiz to help you through a basic assessment so that you know if you need to seek an eyecare professional's help for your symptoms of double vision.

What should I expect when taking the double vision quiz on your website?

You can take the test in a few minutes and it gives you a score that will help you determine if this is a normal reaction or if your eyes need further evaluation. The questions are asking you how common you experience a range of symptoms such in addition to double vision. For example sensitivity to light or dry eye. You will also be asked for some basic scenarios such as “Do you notice yourself drifting to one side when you walk?”. After that you will have the option to have the results sent to your email or have a therapist connect with you to discuss your results at no cost.

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