Vision impairment affects approximately 12 million Americans over 40 years of age.

Whenever our low vision optometrist Dr. Wolff sees a patient suffering from low vision, she encourages them to bring family members along, typically a spouse or someone who will be taking care of them. Because it is something that patients and their families go through together when one member of the family loses vision.

What is an example of a way a family member can support and help a loved one who has vision loss?

When someone comes in with peripheral vision loss on one side from a stroke, Dr. Wolff educates the spouse, family members, or caregivers, to present objects to the patient from the side where the patient can't see very well. What this does is to challenge them as well as support them.

This is really the key of the loved ones being in the exam, they are educated to be a support while also helping their loved ones by providing the right kind of challenges to the patients vision.

How can you make the life of someone with impaired vision easier?

Here are some good suggestions:

  • Consider the person - Every individual is different in terms of their age, character, functionality, and life experience as well as the nature of their impairment.
  • Respect their dignity - If you wish to provide assistance, you should respect their dignity at all times.
  • Don’t move things around - Moving things around can be very frustrating for someone with low vision, so keep things in the same place.
  • Consider the environment - Keep the environment in mind at all times. A visually impaired woman preparing you a cup of tea in her own home will likely be fine. It is clearly a different situation than a visually impaired man lost in a crowded mall.
  • Encourage them to visit a low vision optometrist - You should encourage your family members with impaired vision to schedule routine eye exams with a low vision optometrist. Help them maximize their visual abilities by accompanying them to understand how to assist them.
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