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Suppression occurs when your brain shuts off one of your eyes because it either sees double or doesn't work as it should.

The brain has an amazing mechanism that shuts off information coming in from that eye, so that you don't see double all the time. This mechanism can be very useful under certain circumstances because you can deal with the world better with poor depth perception when you only use one eye rather than seeing everything with double vision. For example, you see two cars approaching when there is actually only one.

How can you test for suppression at home?

One thing that can help you visualize suppression is a pencil diplopia test. Basically, what you'd do is look at a target at a distance and hold a pen about a foot in front of your eyes. If you're looking far away with this pen held in front of your eyes, you should see two pens. Seeing only one pen might be a sign that your brain is suppressing an eye, and you may need a binocular vision test. This is a very simple test you can do at home to make sure that both of your eyes work properly at a distance. However, you should always see a qualified eye care professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

How can suppression in binocular vision be treated?

Symptoms and signs associated with the suppression can be alleviated through the prescribed treatment regimen. A suppression is a visual defect associated with other strabismic and non-strabismic anomalies. In order to treat suppression successfully and sustainably, it is imperative that the associated visual conditions be treated effectively as well. Patients with suppression usually require prescription lenses and/or prisms. Additionally, suppression can require a greater amount of office therapy if it is accompanied by associated conditions, such as head trauma or other systemic disorders.

How is worth four dot used to detect suppression?

A worth four dot test is an excellent tool for detecting double vision or suppression. Our eye doctor will be able to determine how your vision works, how deeply your suppression is embedded, and at what distances you are experiencing double vision.

During a worth four dot test, you'll look at the worth for dot flashlight. There are four dots on the flashlight, one red, two green, and one white. You will wear red and green glasses, with the red lense covering your right eye.

Two red dots: If you were to look with the right eye and the left eye was suppressed, what you would see would be the two red lights.

Three green dots: If your right eye is suppressed or ignored, you will see three green dots and the fourth will not be visible.

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