Low vision affects many aspects of a patient's daily life, especially their ability to perform daily tasks. Telescopes are among the tools that can help regain that ability and one we recommend a lot at our Los Angeles Low Vision Center.

Telescopic magnification can help someone with low vision see better in the distance and up close. Magnification can help those with macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy see more clearly and get out of their blind spots.

When the patient's prescription is determined during a low vision exam, a telescope is used to determine how much better they can see with magnification. Once our low vision optometrist determines what that magnification is, they can place it in a pair of glasses.

How can low vision patients benefit from telescopes?

  • Monocular telescope - There are a number of everyday activities that you can do with telescopes. If you're out and about and you'd like to look at a bus stop number quickly before you reach it, a handheld monocular comes in handy. The great thing about something like this is that you can simply carry it around with you, or even put it in your pocket, which looks pretty inconspicuous.
  • Bioptic telescopes - It is also possible to integrate telescopes into glasses. When you use these for driving, they are called bioptic telescopes. You don't look through them while driving, which limits your field of view. When you want to see street signs, you simply tilt your head down, look into the telescope, and you will be able to see them. This is a quick spotting technique that you would be taught to use during your training. Students can use these glasses to be able to see the board a little bit better. Through the telescope area, you can view the board, and write in your notebook. These are great because they are hands-free. By using bioptic telescopes, you can also do things with your hands like manicures, threading needles, and other little things. Learn more about bioptic glasses for driving.
  • Telescopic reading glasses - Telescopic reading glasses provide lower magnification such as 2x magnification and can actually provide great assistance when using a computer. Basically, assistance with anything within arm's reach. It gives you telescopic magnification with the ability to see something further away. They are often used for reading at a larger, longer distance, but are also useful on computers. They offer binocularity and a wider field of view.
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