There are a lot of resources available for those with low vision, and as a low vision optometrist my role is directing the patient and their family to all the relevant resources available. The government offers a lot of programs that most people aren't even aware of. In the state of California, the rehabilitation department can help people who are interested in a certain career. Maybe they are having trouble getting a degree because of their vision problems; maybe because of their vision issues, they can't learn as well. If they are allowed, they can go through the department of rehabilitation and get any devices that will help them, such as a CCTV camera or a video camera so that they can see the teacher better. As part of the rehabilitation process, they can use magnifiers, computer programs, anything that enhances their education, as the department of rehabilitation wants them to be able to be successful in what they want to do and be part of the workforce even in a modified capacity.

What is the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)?

In partnership with consumers and other stakeholders, the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) provides employment programs, independent living opportunities, and equal rights for individuals with disabilities.

In the United States, DOR is the largest provider of vocational rehabilitation and independent living services. Incorporating vocational rehabilitation services into an integrated work environment is imperative for helping job seekers with disabilities attain competitive employment. Peer support, skill development, systems advocacy, referrals, assistive technology, transition services, housing assistance, and personal assistance are all possible parts of independent living services.

The Importance of a Low Vision Exam

When someone has permanent vision loss it is crucial to spend time understanding the condition, how it impacts their life, and the solutions available to help them. Each caregiver plays a unique role in the rehabilitation process of a patient with low vision. A low vision optometrist's aim is to direct the patient and enable them to achieve the maximum with their remaining vision. Our low vision clinic in Bellflower (near Lakeland and Long Beach) is a vital part of your care team.

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